Commitments on Kittens

All breeder and show quality kittens will be sold with a contract before they leave home.

Contracts are for the kittens protection and none will be sold without a contract. Breeder and show quality kittens are available by reservation. Kittens sold as family pets come with a spay/neuter agreement and an indoor only clause. Please, tell me whether you are looking for a pet or if you are a fancier looking for breeder or show quality. Please, don`t forget also let me know little about yourself, your breeding or show experience, goals, location you live and show in, what organization(s) you show in, or plan to show in, etc.

 If you are looking for a cheap kitten for showing or breeding I cannot help you, I don`t have any.

Only deposits reserved a kitten for you! Deposit is refundable if the kitten «goes off» and doesn`t develop to the assessed quality and except for reasons defined in the agreed upon contract. In other cases DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. We are aware that circumstances change and it is not always possible to take possession of a cat or kitten as originally planned. Deposits will be considered payment for boarding grooming and lost opportunities for placement if the buyer changes their mind for any reason other than defined in the contract.

I reserve the right of refusal for the sale of any kitten pictured on this web-page at anytime.

DEPOSITS are accepted to hold a kitten but


АВАНС за резервирование котенка НЕ ВОЗВРАЩАЕТСЯ



:Sir: Black Pearls Toy Bear of Confiture
Dam: Cat`Studio Wendy Day
Cat`Studio Giza
blue tabby-white (van) exotic LH female
Cat`Studio Luksor
blue tabby-white exotic LH male
Cat`Studio Aksel
cream tabby-white (van) exotic male
:Sir: Black Pearls Toy Bear of Confiture
Dam: Cat`Studio Piccolo Amore
Cat`Studio Yarxi
red tabby-white exotic male
Cat`Studio Naomi
black-white exotic LH female
Cat`Studio Roxette
calico tabby exotic female
Cat`Studio Toffy
blue mac. tabby-white  exotic female
:Sir: Black Pearls Toy Bear of Confiture
Dam: Cat`Studio Africa
Cat`Studio Nicolette
blue tabby-white (harlequin) exotic female

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