date: _______________________

This contract is between Elena Tsinker and

_________________________, about buying a cat from CAT`STUDIO Cattery.

The cat that is sold is CAT`STUDIO____________

(SHOW - at the moment of sale the kitten participated in the show and showed a good result Best of Best, Best of Breed, finals CFA (diploma with description attached)
SHOW/BREEDER - The kitten has the potential to get the title ( at least the CHAMPION) at the shows, but the "Breeder" does not guarantee this, since a lot depends on the conditions of detention and fair grooming the kitten. Prospects may be used for breeding and exhibited in cat show. In addition to the breeder guarantee, they are further
guaranteed to age 2 years against any disqualifying faults as defined by the CFA Breed Standard in effect at time of sale.
BREEDER - "Buyer" has no right to claim to "Breeder" in the case of unsatisfactory ratings Show.
PET - "Breeder" sends the kitten into a new home after the operation of castration/sterilization of the animal.)


Colour: ________________________________

Birth date: ____________________________

Buyer s Email:

Buyer s Telephone Number:

Seller: Elena Tsinker, founder of CAT`STUDIO CATTERY.
Telephone number of: _________________,

1. The buyer accepts full responsibility for this kitten and providing properly
for its welfare. It is understood that this is a live animal and is not considered to be a perfect creature by any definitions (Kitten-quality and health installs seller at the time of sale). The buyer agrees that this kitten will always receive prompt medical care, and that seller is not responsible for any veterinarian
expenses incurred by purchaser of this kitten/cat.
2. The buyer agrees to provide companionship for this kitten, never leaving it alone for extended periods of time without human attention, or caging the kitten for more than 8 hours per day. This kitten will never be allowed to roam outdoors unattended.
3. The buyer purchasing this kitten/cat for breeding and/or showing and fully understand the breeder offers no guarantees on future development, health, reproductive capabilities or show achievements on this kitten/cat.
4. Should breeding problems arise, it will be up to seller s discretion as to
whether or not the kitten will be replaced, and medical documentation will be required.
5. The seller warrants that kitten is from a clean cattery free of diseases and all vaccinations are up-to-date. The seller warrants that this kitten is genetically sound to the best of seller's knowledge. The seller warrants that parents of this kitten tested by DNA-test for PKD and both are negative.
Copies of DNA-testing parents attaching to this contract (When is tested kitten, test is enclosed).
6. Buyer have the option to have this cat examined within 72 hours after arriving to buyer's home by a veterinarian. (It is recommended the buyer isolate this kitten/cat from other animals until the veterinary inspection has been completed.) If this cat is found by veterinarian to be in ill health within this 72 hour period, buyer must immediately notify the breeder.
7. The buyer agrees that this kitten and its offspring will never be sold, leased or given to any pet shop, kitten mill, or research facility.
8. Above said kitten is being sold as a whole cat, to be used in a responsible, ethical and loving breeding program. It is understood that interest or ownership of this kitten cannot be transferred or sold to another individual. This animal is to be maintained within the household of the purchaser and not be loaned, leased, gifted, traded and absolutely no stud service is allowed. Buyer agrees that all litters produced by this cat are to carry only the name of the purchaser cattery.
9. Buyer has 72 (for Russia) hours to return kitten. For other countrys 7 days. Shipping cost is the responsibility of buyer. If kitten is returned, the next available kitten of equal will be offered to buyer as replacement. No cash refunds will be given. Prior to any replacement animal being made, all papers issued with this animal must be returned, properly signed, transferring ownership back to the breeder. The return of
the cat is at the SELLER's option. If returned, the cat must be in otherwise sound health and condition or this guarantee will be null and void. Please, note if the kitten/cat has been exposed to other cats not raised and bred by Cat`Studio Cattery, no replacement will be given. It is recommended to isolate all incoming kittens and purchaser agrees to isolate this kitten for at least one month before introduction to its other cats.
Additional conditions__________________________________________________________

Signed this ___ day of __________, 201..
Seller, Elena Tsinker
Signed this ___ day of __________, 201..
Buyer, ...



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